The one product that I would call my ‘find of 2009′ was Market Samurai.

If you have no idea what Market Samurai is, it is a fantastic all-round keyword research tool that has some of the best features (so many that I haven’t even had a chance to look into them all), that will help you pinpoint target keywords that not only have traffic, but also have low search competition.

The one thing I absolutely love about Market Samurai is that I can do all the keyword analysis for my Australian blogs and find all the information I need based on Australian searches (and you can do the same for your country!).

Now I know I promised a Market Samurai discount in the post title, and I am not going to disappoint.

I plan on going into some of the features of this fantastic product in upcoming posts – and even am in the process of working out a weekly post that will highlight the capabilities, but today I want to show you how you can get a Market Samurai discount!

How To Get Your Market Samurai Discount

Now if you visit the Market Samurai website, they do kind of dodge the whole price question and focus on how you can get free access to the keyword analysis program.

However you will notice that they say Market Samurai is ‘valued at $149′ and in fact if you click the ‘full version’ tab on their homepage and order the program, you will be charged $149 – which I still believe to be amazing value. But why pay $149 when you can pay $97?

The process of getting your Market Samurai discount is quite simple and if you are familiar with the internet marketing process and the squeeze sale concept you may have already guessed it – but for those of you who have not, here is how it works.

When you sign up for a trial of something, you show and interest. And in an effort to capitalise on that interest the internet marketers will offer you a time-limited offer that will hopefully encourage you to purchase their product.

So In Market Samurai’s Case…

  1. Sign Up For A Trial Of Their Software
  2. You Are Offered The Opportunity To Purchase At $97 ($52 Savings!) – This is when you install the program
  3. You Have 12 Days To Take Advantage Or The Price Rises Back To $149.

It is a really good marketing strategy, and one that has worked extremely well for them. So if you are considering purchasing Market Samurai – don’t pay full price!

Learn about my experience with the program on my Market Samurai Review post.
market samurai Market Samurai Discount   Save 35%!