I remember when I first started looking at ways to make money online there were three programs that always came up, Adsense, Commission Junction (CJ) and Clickbank. It was almost like nothing else existed – and I think a lot of people who are just starting out are on the lookout for different opportunities and so I have decided to take a closer look at a company that I have been working with for about 6-8 months now. So here is my CheckMyStats review.

Who Is CheckMyStats?

checkmystats logo CheckMyStats Review   CPA Affiliate NetworkCheckMyStats is one of Australia’s leading affiliate networks, and before you instantly turn off because you are not Australian, they host a large range of affiliate offers for Australia, US and UK markets as well as other offers for a worldwide audience.

Currently with over 180 different offers for you to promote, their focus in on CPA leads, where you get paid for each person you refer who signs up for an offer.

The benefit for US affiliates in promoting offers from CheckMyStats is the strong Australian dollar (which means extra money in your pocket when it get’s converted into US$.

How I Use CheckMyStats

Currently I use CheckMyStats almost exclusively for my online surveys for money site.

If you have been following my niche site challenge, then you will have seen me mention this CPA affiliate network and seen my monthly income increasing from them each month.

Starting with $35 in November 2010, last month in May 2011 I made $210 through CheckMyStats.

This is solely through banner ads and within-post links. (You will notice the my site now has an email list – I have been using a different affiliate network for the list to compare conversion).

What Type Of Offers Do They Have?

As I mentioned earlier, there focus is in CPA offers, but they do have a few %/sale and CPC offers as well.

A few of the popular types of offers are:

  • Paid Survey Companies
  • Freebies
  • Daily Deal Sites

I would estimate that about 60%+ of their offers would be able to be categorised in one of the above categories (all seem to offer $0.50 and $3.50/lead), but they do also have dating, betting, accommodation and a large range of other offers.

What About Payments?

When I first started using CheckMyStats each month I would receive a hand written check (which was a nice feel), but a couple of months ago I was asked if I could get paid via Paypal – which is how I have been paid for the last couple of months.

Their website states that they pay via Check, Direct Deposit or Paypal, but for international affiliates I am guessing Paypal would be the best option.

They pay on the 20th of each month (as long as your affiliate balance is over $50 (on a max 30 day term).

And here is something that I like:

Payment Assurance – We ensure Merchants place a deposit into their account so you receive commission payments in a timely manner.

My Final Thoughts On CheckMyStats…

My experience with them has honestly been fantastic. It is not one of my biggest earners, but they always pay on time and their communication is fantastic.

They constantly are sending my updates on the latest offers and rate increases, and whenever something is happening with an offer I am promoting (such as it being pulled), I always get an email letting me know.

So if you are looking for a CPA network then I do recommend you check out CheckMyStats and at least see if they have any offers suited towards your sites.